When Alissa Hunnicutt first picked up a ukulele, her intention was for it to be simply a fun way to make music on her own, on her couch, with no pressure of performing. But that’s just not how she’s wired. It soon became the tool to express herself musically on her own terms.

Alissa is an alternative folk singer. She considers herself a musical archeologist, digging for songs by lesser-known, indie artists, and creating new ukulele arrangements with her collaborator, Jared Jenkins. Alissa is currently recording her debut album, which is due out in 2017.

Bringing her theatrical training to her work, Alissa teaches “Release Your Story, A song interpretation masterclass.” In this class, participants discover the personal connection to their songs. Really telling the story helps performers deal with the nerves of getting up and singing in front of people, and has the added benefit of actually releasing the vocal instrument. If you’ve ever wanted to sing at an open mic, this is the place to start. If you’re a seasoned performer, this is how to take your material to the next level. If you just love to sit on the couch and sing, this method will help you find a personal connection to the lyric and singing your songs will mean so much more to you. Look for Alissa’s masterclass near you and release your story!

Alissa has been performing her whole life. She grew up in the theater and is a member of the professional Actor’s Equity Association and SAG-AFTRA. She holds a Master of Music degree from Manhattan School of Music in vocal performance. She’s also an accomplished voiceover actor and puppeteer. Alissa Hunnicutt is endorsed by Ohana Ukuleles and PHD Strings.